The Largest Crystals in the World and the Eclipse Channel Part VI

What was going through the Stinsons mind when they made a decision to privately fund my research project?

Was it truly an interest in these fascinating giant super-sized crystals that were recently discovered? Or the story told from the viewpoint of one of the earliest explorers into those caves?

Was is genuinely seeking the right content for the Eclipse Channel TV internet website? (see Facebook)

Or was it something more of a hidden agenda for Robert and Sue Stinson?  Why were they continually seeking spiritual information and traveling to workshops/seminars and/or retreats with spiritual teachers such as Tom Kenyon, Steve Rother and James Tipton?

It’s may be easy to understand why people are motivated to learn, grow and evolve through so-called spiritual teachers by attending seminars with like-minded others.  But what if there was another motivation to be rubbing elbows?

I am not usually suspect of others and their motivations for attending workshops.  When I look back at the events that bring forth this bizarre Judgment from the SEC  I am now facing, and the negative information this has put out on my good name, it seems it is time for a reckoning and shedding full light of the darker side of Robert Stinson, a Ponzi Scheme player.

Here are some public facts:

August 15, 2011

Recidivist Felon Robert Stinson Of ‘Life’s Good’ Pleads Guilty To 26-Count Ponzi Indictment, Faces Decades In Prison


Robert Stinson Jr., the Philadelphia-area recidivist felon and securities swindler accused last year of stealing $17 million in a Ponzi scheme and wiring money to prevent it from being seized even as the FBI was conducting a raid, has pleaded guilty.

Stinson, 56, of Berwyn, faces a maximum under federal sentencing guidelines of nearly 34 years in prison, federal prosecutors said. In his most recent scam, he pleaded guilty to nine counts of money laundering, five counts of wire fraud, four counts of mail fraud, three counts of filing false tax returns, two counts of obstruction of justice, two counts of making false statements to federal agents and one count of bank fraud.

Investors in various entities under Stinson’s Life’s Good Inc. were wiped out, and Stinson stole $17 million, prosecutors said.

In 1986, Stinson was convicted of wire fraud and larceny in U.S. Court in Delaware, according to records. In 1987, he was convicted of forgery and larceny in New Jersey state court. During the same year, he was convicted of mail fraud in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, in 1996, he was convicted of criminal conspiracy in state court in Pennsylvania. In 2001, he was convicted of bank fraud in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Stinson filed two bankruptcy petitions in 1999, one in October and another in December, according to records.

Nine years earlier, in 1990, he was charged with fraud by the SEC. He was ordered to pay a judgment of $7,680, but the judgment remains unpaid, according to court filings.

So Stinson had a criminal background that I neither checked into or was aware of.

That didn’t stop the SEC looking into his motivation to wire funds to various companies and individuals.  They were looking for those complicit in money laundering for Stinson.  That wasn’t my agreement with him.

I believed I was working with a bona-fide agreement to deliver my research and present the material on-line to an audience that would be watching the Eclipse Channel TV.

So, what was the Stinsons interest with me and my story?


About Leela Hutchison

A earnest and honest hard working American who was wrongfully judged as a receiver of stolen funds from an alledged Ponzi scheme.
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2 Responses to The Largest Crystals in the World and the Eclipse Channel Part VI

  1. Mel says:

    I’m unfortunately sad to say that I highly doubt he was. As a former employee of the company I worked close to Bob and reflecting back on the experience I realize a lot of things about him now. Some of those things I realized then like how incredibly manipulative he was through his infectious charm. Sometimes I wanted to hate him, but I couldn’t.
    He positioned himself merely to be around successful people, and to take up their array of interests. I know this, because I watched him with awe. Essentially, every acquaintance was an opportunity to make more money. Perhaps he started those other businesses (eclipse,etc) to pay back the funds, but who really knows..I was fortunate enough to leave prior to the investigation due to my own conclusions of what he was doing. Otherwise I too probably would’ve come up on reports. I remember screaming when I heard the news 2 years after I left–that I wasn’t crazy.
    I too, deeply understand the unfortunate associations to this company online and off. I spiraled into a horrible depression because of my work with the company, and being led onto to the idea of doing great things on stolen money. When eclipse channel started I admit I thought it was a joke, one of the many failed ideas out of the 15 or more ventures he tried to execute during a 5 year span. And under different circumstances with my position I probably would’ve known/worked with you. I am truly sorry for you, me, and the other people who unknowingly got sucked into this and are now dealing with the very real impact of it. On a quick side note, this blog probably contributes more to your associations with this on google than anything else. But I’m sure it’s a substantial release to tell the truth and how you experienced it.
    I’ve probably read every article imaginable on this case, which is how I stumbled upon your blog, and I truly hope you are somehow able to move pass this. Forgive yourself…many of us were naive too..

    • Thank you so much for writing this…. I am sorry to say, that I too spiraled so deeply down the rabbit hole, I never even thought to look at this blog again until today. I truly appreciate your words of kindness and understanding.

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