Funding the Project and the Naivete of an Eager Recipient Part III


 Definition:  funding |ˈfəndi ng |noun  money provided, esp. by an organization or government, for a particular purpose.• the action or practice of providing such money.

In late July of 2009, I received another telephone call from Robert Stinson, Jr. saying to expect to receive funds beginning on August 1st and the first of each month thereon until the completion of my “project”. The delivery of that content was to be uploaded to the Eclipse Channel network slated to launch for an undetermined date in 2010.

Then Stinson asked for my routing numbers to the bank account where the funds would be transferred over to.

In business, electronically or “wired” funds are used daily by companies and individuals to meet deadlines in agreements between parties.  I didn’t think this was a highly unusual practice at all, being that Life’s Good, Inc. was in the financial business of a Hedge Fund.

What would have been suspect to me was cash being sent in the mail, instead of substantive proof through a bank’s wire transfer.

I was eager to get started.  I was working for Franklin Bowles Gallery at the time this offer came to me. I resigned from that job immediately to begin working on my project for the Eclipse Channel.  This in itself was demonstrable proof that I understood I HAD A NEW JOB!  I would not have resigned if it wasn’t understood that I had a huge amount of work in front of me that I was enthusiastic about creating and delivering.

It never occurred to me that something illegal was transpiring nor that if Robert Stinson wanted this to be a legal and provable working agreement,  he would have protected both of us by writing up a contract for my services to be provided.

Why wouldn’t I have expected and/or demanded a written agreement from him?

That is another part of the story.


About Leela Hutchison

A earnest and honest hard working American who was wrongfully judged as a receiver of stolen funds from an alledged Ponzi scheme.
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One Response to Funding the Project and the Naivete of an Eager Recipient Part III

  1. Keep going – it is important for others to hear this as in many cases it is far too true a situation!

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