A Ponzi Scheme Player’s Idea of Redemption Part II

In July of 2009, I received a call from the owner of Life’s Good, Inc., (a name that seemed too good to be true!) saying that he and his wife made a decision to fund my research project about the Giant Selenite Crystals discovered in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico.

see: www.thecrystalgiants.com

For payment to be received,  I would personally be responsible for delivering all of the research data into a website format with audio and video clips for the birthing of their new online broadcasting network entitled:  www.TheEclipseChannel.com (see facebook: Eclipse Channel)  This  channel was to go “live” sometime in 2010.  One deadline for launching the network had already been missed in the summer of 2009 to co-incide with a solar eclipse.   There were many delays but the projected launch date would be in 2010.

I also agreed to present the research material in a live streaming video to viewers.  Talking before audiences was something I was entirely comfortable with.

I was beyond thrilled!  My experience as an explorer into the crystal caves of Naica became a deep passion of mine where thousands of hours were devoted to presenting slide shows and lectures and to writing and research for 10 years starting in 2001.

It was a dream come true that I would be able to devote all of my time to research and “being in the field”.  And more importantly,  that my work was being recognized as something valuable enough to risk a financial backing.

I am sure that anyone of you who are reading this might have had this same exceptional stroke of luck where hard work meets a destiny of financial rewards.  After all, isn’t that what was taught to us as being part of the American Dream?

I want to ask you, being readers of this blog;  When you have received a “paycheck” from a company, a payment for an invoice, draws against commissions, monthly payments for a budget, did you ever wonder or question others where the money was coming from to pay you?  Did you take the time to do a background check on your employer?  Of course not!  Why would anyone suspect criminal foul play from an employer who was paying you for time and/or services?  It never even crossed my mind there was a criminal lurking behind that kind, compassionate, funny and honest face of Robert Stinson, Jr.

Now I have to admit that with a company name like Life’s Good, Inc., I had to pinch myself to actually see if I was dreaming or not.   But I did do research on the company and found out they were a Hedge Fund Capital group that had investors who paid up to 17 million dollars into the company’s fund.  That seemed as enough validation for me.

And so, down the rabbit hole I went, innocent and happily into the nightmare of where I am today. Under-employed, with a judgment against me for $81,000 and with prominent negative information about my name on Google Pages that hinders my chances of being employed by a great company.

I am here to do a course correction of an alleged mistake that I made and to redeem myself of the twisted interpretation of who I am, what I did and what I am here to offer by telling my readers the truth of what happened.


About Leela Hutchison

A earnest and honest hard working American who was wrongfully judged as a receiver of stolen funds from an alledged Ponzi scheme.
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2 Responses to A Ponzi Scheme Player’s Idea of Redemption Part II

  1. Congratulations on this decision Leela!
    The time is right for such “intentional manipulations of well-meaning, highly qualified, respectful individuals” to be revealed so many others may feel safe to continue their “revelation stories.”

    • Thanks for your comment and encouragement to end the retreating into shame and guilt for bearing the burden of a civil lawsuit and subsequent judgment by the super giant government agency, the SEC. I will expose the truth of what accurately transpired at Life’s Good Inc. for believing in my project and privately funding my research.

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