The Injustice of a Security Exchange Commission Judgment against Leela Hutchison Part I

The Scales of False Justice

March 22nd 2012

Finding negative information about yourself on the Internet can be a very costly thing as I have recently found out.

It began with an icy reception from my favorite recruiter’s office in the San Francisco Bay area this week.  Town and Country Resources is an exceptional recruiting company that can get the job done in finding the right staff for the right placement in high-profile or wealthy people’s lives.  They are a top-notch company and I have always enjoyed interacting with these highly skilled recruiters over the years that I have known them.

I had recently completed the first round of interviewing with a new potential employer.  I was thrilled to have received the invitation for the second round as looking for work in this job market is full of people highly capable of offering the same skills and doing the same job as I was offering.  When I called to get the follow-up, my recruiter was concerned and uptight.  They had found something about me in a background check…and it wasn’t all that hard to find.

It seems that scrolling down the list after a google search of my name: Leela Hutchison, they found a headliner:   IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN …Sep 26, 2011 – 10-3130, brings this action to recover stolen funds received by  Leela Hutchison. Currently before the Court is

I took a sharp inhale and stood there with the phone in my hand immobilized.

Now not for a minute did I think the “Judgement” that was in-justly slammed down on me last September 26, 2011 was just going to neatly go away.  But I hadn’t even considered the impact this civil suit was going to have on me and my ability and/or potential to earn money in one of the toughest economic downturns I had experienced in my lifetime.

Today, I made the decision to stop crying, wipe the tears dripping down my face, end the retreating and feeling god awful about myself and begin to tell my side of the story.  In a BLOG!

My story is dedicated to everyone out there who has  inadvertently made a mistake in life, in business, in agreements, in relationships, in social situations, in love, etc., and are having to live with that information forever more, indelibly burned in virtual ink on a GOOGLE search of your name.


About Leela Hutchison

A earnest and honest hard working American who was wrongfully judged as a receiver of stolen funds from an alledged Ponzi scheme.
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