The Largest Crystals in the World and the Eclipse Channel Part VI

What was going through the Stinsons mind when they made a decision to privately fund my research project?

Was it truly an interest in these fascinating giant super-sized crystals that were recently discovered? Or the story told from the viewpoint of one of the earliest explorers into those caves?

Was is genuinely seeking the right content for the Eclipse Channel TV internet website? (see Facebook)

Or was it something more of a hidden agenda for Robert and Sue Stinson?  Why were they continually seeking spiritual information and traveling to workshops/seminars and/or retreats with spiritual teachers such as Tom Kenyon, Steve Rother and James Tipton?

It’s may be easy to understand why people are motivated to learn, grow and evolve through so-called spiritual teachers by attending seminars with like-minded others.  But what if there was another motivation to be rubbing elbows?

I am not usually suspect of others and their motivations for attending workshops.  When I look back at the events that bring forth this bizarre Judgment from the SEC  I am now facing, and the negative information this has put out on my good name, it seems it is time for a reckoning and shedding full light of the darker side of Robert Stinson, a Ponzi Scheme player.

Here are some public facts:

August 15, 2011

Recidivist Felon Robert Stinson Of ‘Life’s Good’ Pleads Guilty To 26-Count Ponzi Indictment, Faces Decades In Prison


Robert Stinson Jr., the Philadelphia-area recidivist felon and securities swindler accused last year of stealing $17 million in a Ponzi scheme and wiring money to prevent it from being seized even as the FBI was conducting a raid, has pleaded guilty.

Stinson, 56, of Berwyn, faces a maximum under federal sentencing guidelines of nearly 34 years in prison, federal prosecutors said. In his most recent scam, he pleaded guilty to nine counts of money laundering, five counts of wire fraud, four counts of mail fraud, three counts of filing false tax returns, two counts of obstruction of justice, two counts of making false statements to federal agents and one count of bank fraud.

Investors in various entities under Stinson’s Life’s Good Inc. were wiped out, and Stinson stole $17 million, prosecutors said.

In 1986, Stinson was convicted of wire fraud and larceny in U.S. Court in Delaware, according to records. In 1987, he was convicted of forgery and larceny in New Jersey state court. During the same year, he was convicted of mail fraud in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, in 1996, he was convicted of criminal conspiracy in state court in Pennsylvania. In 2001, he was convicted of bank fraud in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Stinson filed two bankruptcy petitions in 1999, one in October and another in December, according to records.

Nine years earlier, in 1990, he was charged with fraud by the SEC. He was ordered to pay a judgment of $7,680, but the judgment remains unpaid, according to court filings.

So Stinson had a criminal background that I neither checked into or was aware of.

That didn’t stop the SEC looking into his motivation to wire funds to various companies and individuals.  They were looking for those complicit in money laundering for Stinson.  That wasn’t my agreement with him.

I believed I was working with a bona-fide agreement to deliver my research and present the material on-line to an audience that would be watching the Eclipse Channel TV.

So, what was the Stinsons interest with me and my story?

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Journey to the Grand Tetons of Wyoming Part V

In the summer of 2009, a new seminar by Earth-Keeper was being held in the beautiful town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We were in meetings during the majority of the time, but a side trip to Yellowstone was offered and I decided to be on one of the tour buses along with other attendees from the seminar.  The buses was packed.

My seat just happened to be the one behind Robert and Sue Stinson.  There were so many cars and bears on the road between Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, that we were slow in  making our way to the center of the Park.

There was plenty of time to chat with everybody on the bus.  That is when the Stinsons began to tell me about the launching of their new web-based television or free streaming network called The Eclipse Channel.

The concept was exciting but I was still behind the learning curve of how the creation of a internet television channel was put together.  I listened intently while Bob beamed with enthusiasm and was charged with energy to get the network launched as soon as possible.

The concept was to have entertainment, movies, talks, lectures, and videos of inspirational material offered to viewers 24 hours a day.

We must have been in deep discussion for almost two hours as we traveled on that swaying bus traveling through mountain passes and curved roads.

The conversation turned to my deep interest of the mysterious selenite crystal caves found in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico in 2000.

For years, I had traveled around the United States and parts of the world sharing my interest, experience and knowledge of geology, gemology and exploration of the giant selenite crystal caves. My desire was to continue my on-going research, write a book,  present images and give lectures to audiences world-wide.

We finally reached our destination at Yellowstone and we went our separate ways.  We didn’t sit on the same bus returning to Jackson Hole but we did exchange business cards and there was a promise to contact me in the near future.

I didn’t know it then, but a plan was beginning to take shape in Robert Stinson’s mind.  I believed that plan forming was with good intentions.

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Giant crystals and the Quest for Knowledge Part IV

I remember seeing the Stinsons for the very first time at a seminar being held in Arkansas in the spring of 2008.

Many people are drawn to the information and science of gemology, geology, mineralogy, gems, crystals and rocks.  There was great interest from many of the attendees who traveled from other countries and parts of the United States to learn more.

Like the giant selenite crystals found in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico, the state of Arkansas (USA) is known to be the largest quartz crystal field north of the Equator, with Brazil being the largest in the world.

That is a lot of crystal power and finding it in Arkansas seems strange in itself.

Enter James Tyberonn known as the Earth Keeper and you will find yourself immersed in a world full of wonderful information and spiritual knowledge around gems, crystals and geology.  With my own similar background interest, this was truly a person I wanted to know. Here is a brief bio on him:

James Tyberonn worked as a professional engineer & geologist for 33 years. He is a native of Arkansas, but has lived & worked abroad for over 30 years, circumnavigating the globe many times & traveling to over 75 countries in his geology work.

Tyb has always had a very deep love for the earth, and a driven interest in spirituality and metaphysics all of his life. During his 33 years of working abroad, he devoted himself to intense metaphysical studies of varied disciplines. He focused on understanding the energy of the living Earth from both a scientific and metaphysical perspective.

Tyberonn has recently been a featured guest speaker at the United Nations S.E.A.T in New York City in late August of 2011.

A military veteran, Tyb served his country as an officer in the US Army Signal Corps. In his geological work, he lived as an expatriate in Bolivia, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Gabon, Congo, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Scotland. He studied gemology while in Brazil, and speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French. He has had a great interest in metaphysics, sacred sites, grids, ley-lines, portals, vortexes, healing gems, crystals, auric maintenance, Crystalline Light Body, spiritual growth and music.

Although I never made an acquaintance with the Stinsons at the initial seminar, there was little doubt that this group meeting in Arkansas for the first time, would be crossing each others paths in the months and years to come.

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Funding the Project and the Naivete of an Eager Recipient Part III


 Definition:  funding |ˈfəndi ng |noun  money provided, esp. by an organization or government, for a particular purpose.• the action or practice of providing such money.

In late July of 2009, I received another telephone call from Robert Stinson, Jr. saying to expect to receive funds beginning on August 1st and the first of each month thereon until the completion of my “project”. The delivery of that content was to be uploaded to the Eclipse Channel network slated to launch for an undetermined date in 2010.

Then Stinson asked for my routing numbers to the bank account where the funds would be transferred over to.

In business, electronically or “wired” funds are used daily by companies and individuals to meet deadlines in agreements between parties.  I didn’t think this was a highly unusual practice at all, being that Life’s Good, Inc. was in the financial business of a Hedge Fund.

What would have been suspect to me was cash being sent in the mail, instead of substantive proof through a bank’s wire transfer.

I was eager to get started.  I was working for Franklin Bowles Gallery at the time this offer came to me. I resigned from that job immediately to begin working on my project for the Eclipse Channel.  This in itself was demonstrable proof that I understood I HAD A NEW JOB!  I would not have resigned if it wasn’t understood that I had a huge amount of work in front of me that I was enthusiastic about creating and delivering.

It never occurred to me that something illegal was transpiring nor that if Robert Stinson wanted this to be a legal and provable working agreement,  he would have protected both of us by writing up a contract for my services to be provided.

Why wouldn’t I have expected and/or demanded a written agreement from him?

That is another part of the story.

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A Ponzi Scheme Player’s Idea of Redemption Part II

In July of 2009, I received a call from the owner of Life’s Good, Inc., (a name that seemed too good to be true!) saying that he and his wife made a decision to fund my research project about the Giant Selenite Crystals discovered in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico.


For payment to be received,  I would personally be responsible for delivering all of the research data into a website format with audio and video clips for the birthing of their new online broadcasting network entitled: (see facebook: Eclipse Channel)  This  channel was to go “live” sometime in 2010.  One deadline for launching the network had already been missed in the summer of 2009 to co-incide with a solar eclipse.   There were many delays but the projected launch date would be in 2010.

I also agreed to present the research material in a live streaming video to viewers.  Talking before audiences was something I was entirely comfortable with.

I was beyond thrilled!  My experience as an explorer into the crystal caves of Naica became a deep passion of mine where thousands of hours were devoted to presenting slide shows and lectures and to writing and research for 10 years starting in 2001.

It was a dream come true that I would be able to devote all of my time to research and “being in the field”.  And more importantly,  that my work was being recognized as something valuable enough to risk a financial backing.

I am sure that anyone of you who are reading this might have had this same exceptional stroke of luck where hard work meets a destiny of financial rewards.  After all, isn’t that what was taught to us as being part of the American Dream?

I want to ask you, being readers of this blog;  When you have received a “paycheck” from a company, a payment for an invoice, draws against commissions, monthly payments for a budget, did you ever wonder or question others where the money was coming from to pay you?  Did you take the time to do a background check on your employer?  Of course not!  Why would anyone suspect criminal foul play from an employer who was paying you for time and/or services?  It never even crossed my mind there was a criminal lurking behind that kind, compassionate, funny and honest face of Robert Stinson, Jr.

Now I have to admit that with a company name like Life’s Good, Inc., I had to pinch myself to actually see if I was dreaming or not.   But I did do research on the company and found out they were a Hedge Fund Capital group that had investors who paid up to 17 million dollars into the company’s fund.  That seemed as enough validation for me.

And so, down the rabbit hole I went, innocent and happily into the nightmare of where I am today. Under-employed, with a judgment against me for $81,000 and with prominent negative information about my name on Google Pages that hinders my chances of being employed by a great company.

I am here to do a course correction of an alleged mistake that I made and to redeem myself of the twisted interpretation of who I am, what I did and what I am here to offer by telling my readers the truth of what happened.

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The Injustice of a Security Exchange Commission Judgment against Leela Hutchison Part I

The Scales of False Justice

March 22nd 2012

Finding negative information about yourself on the Internet can be a very costly thing as I have recently found out.

It began with an icy reception from my favorite recruiter’s office in the San Francisco Bay area this week.  Town and Country Resources is an exceptional recruiting company that can get the job done in finding the right staff for the right placement in high-profile or wealthy people’s lives.  They are a top-notch company and I have always enjoyed interacting with these highly skilled recruiters over the years that I have known them.

I had recently completed the first round of interviewing with a new potential employer.  I was thrilled to have received the invitation for the second round as looking for work in this job market is full of people highly capable of offering the same skills and doing the same job as I was offering.  When I called to get the follow-up, my recruiter was concerned and uptight.  They had found something about me in a background check…and it wasn’t all that hard to find.

It seems that scrolling down the list after a google search of my name: Leela Hutchison, they found a headliner:   IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN …Sep 26, 2011 – 10-3130, brings this action to recover stolen funds received by  Leela Hutchison. Currently before the Court is

I took a sharp inhale and stood there with the phone in my hand immobilized.

Now not for a minute did I think the “Judgement” that was in-justly slammed down on me last September 26, 2011 was just going to neatly go away.  But I hadn’t even considered the impact this civil suit was going to have on me and my ability and/or potential to earn money in one of the toughest economic downturns I had experienced in my lifetime.

Today, I made the decision to stop crying, wipe the tears dripping down my face, end the retreating and feeling god awful about myself and begin to tell my side of the story.  In a BLOG!

My story is dedicated to everyone out there who has  inadvertently made a mistake in life, in business, in agreements, in relationships, in social situations, in love, etc., and are having to live with that information forever more, indelibly burned in virtual ink on a GOOGLE search of your name.

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